Found Phone Horror Game Simulacra 3 Launches on October 25

Kaigan Games and publisher Neon Doctrine just announced that the found phone horror series Simulacra will have its newest entry release later this month. Simulacra and Simulacra 2 are available on mobile platforms right now, and while the Simulacra 3 trailer only mentions PC, the official Neon Doctrine account revealed that it should be on mobile at the same time and the website has the iOS and Android versions listed as “coming soon". Simulacra 3 expands on the prior games with real-time elements and a new story. You play as an intern at the local newspaper. In Simulacra 3, everything happens to you in real-time and it features video calls, hacking security systems, and more. Watch the Simulacra 3 release date trailer below:

Simulacra 3 launches on October 25. Check it out on Steam here. Until we hear about the Simulacra 3 mobile pre-orders or pre-registrations, you can play Simulacra and Simulacra 2 on iOS and Android. Check out the official website here. As of this writing, a price point has not been announced for Simulacra 3. I’m curious to see how it ends up feeling compared to prior games and whether this becomes the best found phone experience on mobile when it launches. Have you played any game in the Simulacra before and will you be checking out Simulacra 3 on October 25?

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