Embroidery Puzzler ‘Stitch’ Is This Week’s New Apple Arcade Game Out Now Alongside Many Updates

Embroidery puzzler Stitch. () from Lumen and Tint developer Lykke Studios is this week’s new Apple Arcade release. This week’s Apple Arcade Original has you filling in levels’ areas with no gaps to complete Hoops. Stitch. features a lovely embroidery aesthetic and more than 50 regular Hoops at launch. It also ships with support for Weekly Hopes that are available every seven days, a free stitch mode, challenges, and accessibility options. It looks and sounds very relaxing. You can grab Stitch. here on Apple Arcade. Watch the trailer for Stitch. below:

Alongside Stitch., many games have gotten updates with new content and some have gotten Halloween-themed updates this week. Angry Birds Reloaded adds in 45 new Halloween-themed levels, the Haunted House featuring Ghost Blocks, 8 new costumes, and more. Cooking Mama: Cuisine! 1.2.0 lets you make more combinations on Thursdays, a new recipe book, new achievement goals, and more today. Red Games Co’s Crayola Create and Play+ has new limited-time goodies, a Playful Pet Costume Party, the Halloween Carnival, and much more to celebrate the spooky season.

stitch apple arcade puzzle game october 2022

Today, Goat Simulator+ from Coffee Stain has added in GoatZ to the Apple Arcade version of Goat Simulator. GoatZ has zombies, crafting, a big map, survival mode, many new unlockables, and more. The final update of the week is Spire Blast from Orbital Knight. Spire Blast has added in 20 new levels and more as with prior updates to the game. With the updates out of the way, head over to our forum threads for Angry Birds Reloaded here, Stitch. here, Cooking Mama: Cuisine! here, Crayola Create and Play+ here, Goat Simulator+ here, and Spire Blast here. For all Apple Arcade related things, check out our dedicated Apple Arcade forum for discussion on the service and every game included here. What do you think of this month’s releases on Apple Arcade?

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