‘Demon Survival’ is a Stylish New Roguelite Survival Game in the Vein of ‘Vampire Survivors’, Launching November 15th

Ruben Pecellin, developer of the ultra chill and stylish sports titles Golf Odyssey and Basketball Odyssey, and the Celeste-inspired platformer Mountain Climber: Frozen Dream, has another new game in the works, this time hopping on the Vampire Survivors wave of popularity. It’s called Demon Survival and, like Ruben Pecellin’s other games, it totally nails a certain “vibe" with its visual style, music, and animations. It’s a vibe that I totally dig, and you can see it for yourself in the following trailer for Demon Survival.

So by now, with so many games taking some form of inspiration from the Vampire Survivors horde-battling sensation, you probably get the general idea of what you’ll be in for with Demon Survival. I’m not trying to diminish it or reduce it, but as Vampire Survivors-likes have basically become their own genre, most people know the overall formula, while the various developers that make games within this genre add their own unique ideas and spins on that formula. I’m all for it! Demon Survival is set to launch next month on November 15th, and can be pre-ordered on the iOS App Store or on the Google Play Store. Until then you can find some more details over in our forums.

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