‘Death Road to Canada’ on iOS Is Getting Its First Ever Sale Tomorrow, Major MANDIBLE and NERVE Updates Out Thursday

Rocketcat Games and Madgarden’s fantastic road trip zombie apocalypse simulator Death Road to Canada ($14.99) is finally getting two major updates on iOS this Thursday. These are the MANDIBLE and NERVE updates. The Death Road to Canada MANDIBLE update on Steam added in new locations, a new major feature letting you change your controlled character without pausing, special characters, the Duffle Bag, new zombie heads, and a lot more. Recently, the developers confirmed that the Death Road to Canada MANDIBLE update would be released on mobile alongside the NERVE update. The NERVE update has a revamp to follower AI weapon selection, more character customization, new unlocks and a lot more. Read about it here. Both of these updates will arrive on iOS this Thursday. Watch a short clip showcasing the MANDIBLE update below:

The other big announcement is that Death Road to Canada will be having its first ever sale on iOS tomorrow (Wednesday, October 26th). This is notable because Death Road to Canada has only gone up in price with each content update. If you hesitated getting it on iOS, don’t miss out on the 54% off sale from October 26th until November 2nd bringing it from $14.99 to $6.99. Rocketcat Games also confirmed that more updates are coming to Death Road to Canada. If you’ve not played it yet, Death Road to Canada was our Game of the Year for 2017, we also awarded it 5 stars in our review, and picked it for our Game of the Week upon release. Do you still play the game often on any platform or will you be getting back to it on mobile this Thursday?

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