Death Road to Canada MANDIBLE and NERVE Updates Arriving Together for Mobile, Extended Halloween Event Coming to PC This Month

Earlier this year Rocketcat Games and Madgarden’s fantastic road trip zombie apocalypse simulator Death Road to Canada ($14.99) was updated on PC with the huge MANDIBLE update. This follows the LIVER update and more bringing in new special characters, a few new locations, new random characters, custom character cosmetics, more unlockable hats, a new perk, a new trait and much more. The Death Road to Canada MANDIBLE update on Steam added in new locations, a new major feature letting you change your controlled character without pausing, special characters, the Duffle Bag, new zombie heads, and a lot more. It was confirmed for mobile and consoles, but the team has run into an issue with how updates are released going by the Steam announcement. The current plan is to get Death Road to Canada MANDIBLE and the upcoming NERVE update out at the same time on mobile and console platforms. Watch a short clip showcasing the MANDIBLE update below:

Alongside the news for mobile and console platforms, Death Road to Canada is ready for Halloween with the event taking place from October 25th to November 1st versus just the day itself. This event includes starting with a rare monster character or chainsaw hand, themed trick or treaters, and more. The NERVE update will arrive before this event on PC. Details for the update are in the news story linked above. If you’ve not played it yet, Death Road to Canada was our Game of the Year for 2017, we also awarded it 5 stars in our review, and picked it for our Game of the Week upon release. Do you still play the game often on any platform or will you be getting back to it on mobile or console with this major update when it does release?

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