Classic Fighting Game the Last Blade 2 ACA NeoGeo From SNK and Hamster Is Out Now on iOS and Android

Following KOF 2001 ACA NeoGeo, SNK and Hamster have released The Last Blade 2 ACA NeoGeo on iOS and Android as this week’s new ACA NeoGeo series release. The Last Blade 2 originally released back in 1998. The classic fighter featured four gods aiming to seal Hell’s Gate. It brought in new gameplay systems, and fighters can use desperation and super desperation moves that can also be chained into enemy moves you’ve cancelled. As of this writing, the iOS 16 loading issue that affects some games has not been addressed, but waiting for the leaderboards check to fail solves the issue for me. It takes about 20 seconds on iOS 16, and it works fine on iOS 15. Hopefully Hamster and SNK can address the current issues that affect some players as reported on our forum thread in updates soon. Check out a screenshot from the Android version of The Last Blade 2 ACA NeoGeo below.

The Last Blade 2 aca neogeo

You can buy The Last Blade 2 ACA NeoGeo on the App Store for iOS here and Google Play for Android here. As with prior releases on mobile, this costs half of what it does on consoles at $3.99. If you’ve not heard of the series or seen it in action on mobile yet, Shaun has reviewed most of the releases so far in the ACA NeoGeo series on iOS. Check out his reviews for Samurai Shodown IV here, Alpha Mission II here, Metal Slug 5 here, Shock Troopers here, NAM-1975 here, ZED BLADE here, PUZZLED here, The King of Fighters 2002 here, Big Tournament Golf here, King of the Monsters here, Last Resort here, Aero Fighters 2 here, Burning Fight here, Robo Army here, Mutation Nation here, Twinkle Star Sprites here, and Aero Fighters 3 here. Check out the official website for the series on mobile here. What’s your favorite recent ACA NeoGeo release and are you grabbing this fighter?

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