Visually Stunning Horror Platformer ‘Little Nightmares’ is Coming to Mobile this Winter Courtesy of Playdigious

Playdigious was all over Gamespot’s Swipe mobile gaming showcase earlier today, as they’ve already announced a free multiplayer update coming to the mobile version of Streets of Rage 4 next week as well as a number of Dead Cells content updates being rolled into one big update for the mobile version that will launch towards the end of November. Well they weren’t done as there was another big announcement from Playdigious during Swipe, and it’s the news that they’ll be bringing the critically-acclaimed puzzle adventure horror game Little Nightmares to iOS and Android devices this winter. Originally developed by Tarsier Studios and released on consoles and PC in 2017, Little Nightmares is a visually striking puzzle platformer about guiding a little girl in a very yellow raincoat through a twisted world known as The Maw. The game was well-received on release for its tremendous atmosphere and hideous enemy designs, and you can see that in action in the new mobile trailer for Little Nightmares.

This isn’t just a straight port either, as this is Playdigious we’re talking about and they’ve gone above and beyond to revamp the interface of Little Nightmares to make it more suited to mobile touchscreen play. They’ve also integrated Game Center achievements, iCloud progress saving, and MFi controller support. This also shouldn’t be confused with Very Little Nightmares which was a made-for-mobile spinoff released in 2019 that was developed by Alike Studios, and is itself very good but also a completely different game. I for one am very excited to play through the original Little Nightmares on iOS, and I can still remember the buzz this game generated when it was first shown prior to its release thanks to its really striking visual style. No specific release date has been set but look for the iOS and Android versions of Little Nightmares to release this winter.

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