‘Torchlight: Infinite’ Final Beta Now Available on Android and PC Ahead of Launch Next Month

It feels like we’ve been waiting forever for an official Torchlight game for mobile, but over the past year or so XD Entertainment has really been putting their noses to the grindstone to get the game finished up and widely released. There have been numerous beta tests during that time, with the game slowly shifting and shaping into the mobile action RPG fans of the original Torchlight games and Diablo-likes have been dreaming of. Now we are getting even closer to the game’s official release in October, which technically will still be a beta release since XD is planning on continually updating and tweaking the game based on player feedback. However, with that October release looming, the final closed beta for Torchlight: Infinite is kicking off today and running through September 18th. This latest version will feature new story chapters, new geographical features, new monster populations, and gigantic new boss fights which you can see on display in this brand new trailer.

While called a closed beta, it’s technically available to anyone with an Android device or PC. Sadly the iOS beta’s user limit filled up almost instantly, so if you didn’t get a spot in the Testflight for iOS then you’ll need to wait for the October launch. If you want to check out Torchlight: Infinite’s latest beta on Android, you can download it through the game’s TapTap page. On PC you can find the game on Steam where you’ll be able to immediately be granted access to the beta. I have checked out Torchlight: Infinite a few times during its various betas and testing periods over the past year or two, and it’s definitely one I’m really excited for. It seems that the community of other early players all have great things to say as well, so if you don’t get in on this latest beta then be sure to watch for the full release in October. And if you do miss out on the betas don’t worry, there will be one last progress wipe ahead of that launch so everyone should be able to start out on equal footing.

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