‘Road Rash’ Spiritual Successor ‘Road Redemption’ is Out Now on Mobile

Earlier this month, the spiritual successor to Road Rash, Road Redemption (Free), was announced to be coming soon to mobile. It has started rolling out worldwide earlier today on iOS and should be out worldwide in the next few hours on Android as well. Road Redemption was in early access on PC before it saw a complete release and even hit consoles soon after. Road Redemption on mobile lets you play the beginning portions for free with a single in-app purchase available to unlock the full game. It features controller support and touch control options that are customizable. I’m glad to see Road Redemption finally hit mobile, because it feels perfect to pickup and play a quick race or two on the go. Watch the Road Redemption mobile trailer below:

As you play Road Redemption, you unlock more bikes, characters, and weapons to add to your repertoire against the other gangs. In its current state, there are a few bugs with the interface that I hope get ironed out in updates. You can try out the opening of Road Redemption mobile for free on the App Store for iOS here. It should go up on Android via Google Play here once it rolls out worldwide. Check out the official Road Redemption mobile website here. Check out our forum thread here for more Road Redemption mobile impressions. Have you played Road Redemption on any other platform before and did you enjoy Road Rash back in the day?

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