Pop Team Epic Season 2 to Premiere on October 2!

Gag anime Pop Team Epic is now set to premiere on October 2!

In addition to being broadcast in Japan, the new season will be available to stream on TikTok Live, marking the very first time that a TV anime will be streamed on TikTok at the same time as the regular broadcast.

Pop Team Epic is a four-panel digital manga series originally created by Bkub Okawa. Following the surreal lives of 14-year-old girls Popuko and Pipimi, the series gained popularity for its bizarre humor and pop culture parodies.

Season 1 aired with 12 episodes in 2018, with Episodes 13 and 14 following in 2019 as a TV special.

Are you looking forward to the return of this chaotic duo? Check out the latest promo video below!

Pop Team Epic Season 2 will air from October 2022.

©Bkub Okawa/Takeshobo, King Records
Adapted with permission from SPICE

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