‘Marvel Snap’ Release Date Announced for iOS, Android, and PC Open Beta

Marvel Snap for mobile and PC platforms from Ben Brode’s Second Dinner has been releasing in a few countries as a part of its rollout ahead of its full release date. The fast-paced free-to-play card battler now has a confirmed worldwide release date for mobile and for the PC open beta. Marvel Snap features more than 150 Marvel characters with a Snap mechanic to raise the stakes and double down on your opponent. Alongside the release date announcement from late last week, Marvel Snap, pre-registration rewards were also revealed with a different variant depending on your platform. Watch the Marvel Snap worldwide release date announcement trailer below:

Marvel Snap is out on October 18th worldwide for iOS, Android, and PC open beta. If you’re in the Philippines, download it here on the App Store for iOS. On Android, you can currently pre-register here on Google Play. The iOS pre-registration reward is a Dan Hipp Iron Man variant while the Android pre-registration reward is a Max Grecke Hulk variant. You can pre-register for iOS and the PC open beta on the website here. What do you think of Marvel Snap so far and will you be signing up for the closed beta?

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