‘Football Manager 2023’ Touch for Apple Arcade and ‘Football Manager 2023’ Mobile Coming November 8th

Today, SEGA revealed the various platforms and release date for Football Manager 2023, Football Manager 2023 Mobile, and Football Manager 2023 Touch. While Football Manager 2022 Mobile was the only version of the game available on iOS and Android with Touch skipping mobile, this year’s iteration will return to mobile, but only through Apple Arcade. Football Manager 2023 itself is coming to PC, Xbox platforms, and PlayStation 5. Football Manager 2023 Mobile is coming to iOS and Android with Football Manager 2023 Touch coming to Nintendo Switch and Apple Arcade. This is a surprising but great addition to Apple Arcade. I hope it means the Touch variant of Football Manager will be a mainstay in Apple Arcade like the NBA games. Check it out here on Apple Arcade. Watch the Football Manager 2023 trailer below:

As of now, there are no platform specific differences mentioned. If we go by prior entries, Touch will be in between the PC and mobile versions while Football Manager 2023 Mobile likely will be a paired down streamlined version. Until we learn more about Football Manager 2023 ahead of its November 8th release date, you can buy Football Manager 2022 Mobile on the App Store for iOS here and on Google Play for Android here. Did you end up playing Football Manager 2022 on any platform yet and what do you think of Football Manager 2023 Touch coming to Apple Arcade at launch?

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