Entire ‘Void-X’ Horizontal Shoot ‘Em Up Ported to the Apple Watch for… Some Reason!

Whether it’s the Zelda-esque Aruna’s Adventure or the Hectic Space horizontal shooters, we’ve been fans of developer James Swiney’s work for some time now, and that includes his most recent release Void-X. Released back in June, Void-X is a horizontal shooter in a similar vein to the Hectic Space games, but with a more monochromatic style and a bit more visual flair. What remains the same however is its increasing difficulty and endless nature, its clever high scoring-focused design, and its mega-huge epic boss battles. This all comes together to make for a great high score chaser that’s fun to dive into on your iPhone, your iPad, and… your Apple Watch? Uh, sure, why not! Bask in the glory that is Void-X on the Apple Watch.

Is this a practical way to play Void-X? Absolutely not. Is it extremely tiny on the Apple Watch screen? Oh gosh yes. Is it still somehow super fun? Yes! Moving the crown to control your ship is surprisingly precise, and the game has been tweaked for the Apple Watch so you have LOTS of extra health and enemies take much less damage to destroy, so even when you flub something due to the overall clunkiness of playing a game on a dang wristwatch it’s not the end of the world. Like I said, this isn’t really a practical way to play the game, but it’s amusing and surprisingly fun once you get the hang of how tiny everything is. This new Apple Watch version is included with the regular game, so if you owned this one already you can install it to your Apple Watch to check it out risk free, and if you don’t own Void-X yet it’s well worth dropping a couple of bucks on if you enjoy high score chasers on your phone, tablet, and yes, even your watch.

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