Upcoming ARPG ‘Unhappy Raccoon’ Now Available for Pre-Order on iOS

XD Entertainment has their hand firmly in the pot of ARPGs, as not only are they putting out Torchlight: Infinite soon, but they’ve also got one called Unhappy Raccoon ready to leap out of the starting gate. XD is actually describing this one as “Torchlight meets Gunfire Reborn" as this is a looter shooter but played from an isometric perspective and with a HUGE emphasis on character buildouts and weapon variety. Also everyone is a humanoid raccoon in this game, which seems worth mentioning. You can get a good idea of what Unhappy Raccoon is all about by checking out this latest trailer which was part of the TapTap Presents showcase a few weeks ago.

The big news today is that Unhappy Raccoon is now available for pre-order on the iOS App Store, and with that comes a release date of October 8th. That date could end up being tentative though, as they’ve also mentioned September as a target month for release. I guess we’ll just wait and find out! If you’re on Android you can actually download the beta of Unhappy Raccoon via XD’s very own TapTap service, either through the official app or on its game page. Whether it’s next month or the one after, look for Unhappy Raccoon on your mobile devices in the very near future.

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