Unique Tower Defense Game ‘Isle of Arrows’ Releases on September 8th for Steam, October 6th for iOS and Android

We’ve been covering Isle of Arrows from Daniel Lutz (former Creative Director on Hitman GO and Lara Croft GO while at Square Enix Montreal) for a while now. Following its reveal to its new gameplay and demo on Steam, Daniel announced the release date for both Steam and mobile over the weekend. Isle of Arrows is a tower defense game with randomly drawn tile cards. These tiles range from towers to bonus abilities and land expansion with many more possibilities. Your aim is to work with what is drawn before taking on the enemy waves. Isle of Arrows will launch about a month earlier on Steam. If you missed out the gameplay video, watch it below:

Isle of Arrows launches on September 8th for Steam and it will be coming to both iOS and Android about a month later on October 6th. Besides looking really elegant, I’m interested in the mechanics. I might cave and play it on Steam Deck before the iOS release a month later. If you’d like to try the game before its full release, you can grab the Steam demo here. The Steam page also has a few gifs showcasing some of the gameplay mechanics and the lovely visuals. Did you play the demo before and will you be getting Isle of Arrows on PC or mobile platforms beginning next month?

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