Turn-Based RPG ‘Avatar: Generations’ Soft Launches This Month in Canada, Denmark, Sweden, and South Africa for iOS and Android

Square Enix London Mobile, Navigator Games, and Paramount Consumer Products just announced that the turn-based RPG Avatar: Generations based on Nickelodeon’s Avatar: The Last Airbender is soft launching this month for mobile. Avatar: Generations is a free to play adventure with turn-based combat will be soft launching in select territories this month. Avatar: Generations features Aang, Sokka, Appa, Momo, and more trying to fulfill Aang’s destiny in the first chapter. More expansions are planned featuring Korra, Kyoshi, and more. Check out the key art below:

avatar: generations

Check out the official Avatar: Generations website here. Avatar: Generations is the second game in the works with Square Enix London Mobile, and it is soft launching in Canada, Denmark, South Africa, and Sweden on mobile this month. There will be more regions added in the coming months. Check out the Google Play page here for more screenshots as well. Avatar: Generations doesn’t have a confirmed release date, but hopefully we get to see more of it as the soft launch progresses with more territories added over the coming months. What do you think of Avatar: Generations so far and will you be checking out the soft launch?

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