The Brilliant ‘Papers, Please’ Is Out Now on iPhone and Android, Free Update for Existing iPad Owners

Late last month, Lucas Pope announced that his award-winning “Dystopian Document Thriller" Papers, Please ($7.99) will be coming to iPhone and Android today following its debut on iOS back in 2014 on iPad. Papers, Please is one of the best games ever, and it is now available to even more players with the new update for existing iPad version owners making it universal, and the launch on Android. The update has just gone live on the App Store (thanks Killercow), and you now have even less of an excuse to skip this gem of an experience with how perfectly it feels on a touchscreen.

papers please iphone android release date download

If you’ve not played Papers, Please yet, you control a border patrol agent who will decide the fate of many people trying to enter the fictional country of Arstotzka. In addition to the great writing and characters, it also has very memorable music. Check it out on the App Store for iOS here and Google Play for Android here. Read our review or the iPad version of Papers, Please. Check out our new forum thread for the game here and our guide on getting all the endings. Have you played Papers, Please yet or will you be jumping into it today with the update and new release?

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