‘Steins; Gate’ Is Finally Available in English on Android After Hitting iOS in 2016

Following a confirmation that it would be localized at some point, the excellent visual novel Steins;Gate ($23.99) was released in 2016 in the West on iOS with English language support. Read Shaun’s review of it here. As spotted by Science Adventure series fan site Kiri Kiri Basara, the Android version of Steins;Gate was finally updated this month to bring in support for English text. Despite the localization existing on other platforms and also iOS, it took a while for it to hit Android with next month making it six years since the English release hit iOS in the West. Watch the Steins;Gate PC trailer below:

If you’ve not played the visual novel yet, Steins;Gate has a fantastic story with great characters, amazing art, and a lovely soundtrack. It has multiple endings, and is definitely worth experiencing as a great intro to the genre. While the iOS version sold separately on iPad and iPhone is a premium app, the Android version is free to start. You can get it here on Google Play. Steins;Gate is available on the App Store for iPhone here and iPad (HD) here. Check out the forum thread for Steins;Gate here. Hopefully this leads to a few more English releases of Science Adventure series games that exist on PC and console in the West. What is your favorite game in the series?

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