‘Postknight 2’ Major Update “Greater Heights” Adds New Levels, New Story, New Items, and Tons More

This past December developer Kurechii launched Postknight 2 on the iOS and Android app stores. The original Postknight came out in early 2017 and was one of our favorite games of that year, even landing our Game of the Week honor. It straddled the line between idle game and RPG extremely well, offering up a cool story and tons of progression systems that were tied together with a fairly hands-off but engaging battle system. Postknight 2 takes that same premise and expands on it in every way imagineable, and today Kurechii has expanded on it even further with the game’s latest update. This is actually the first part of a multi-part update called Greater Heights and it adds an entirely new world to visit called Quivtol, the land of the Wise Aegles. The first new area in this new world is called Sagacia Forest which brings a new environment and new enemies to encounter, as you can see in the following trailer.

With this new area comes more story content: “Larielle the Aegle wants your help to establish a Postknight branch in Sagacia! Her people, however, do not trust Humans like you… Furthermore, they believe a monster prowls in their forest! Can you uncover the truth about the Evil Demon?" This update also includes tons of new items, tweaks, balance changes, and a level cap increase from 60 to 70. According to the news post on the game’s website, the next part of the Greater Heights update will add a new area in Quivtol called Regalle City, and that update is slated for sometime in September. For an extremely detailed breakdown of everything new in today’s update, check out this blog post here, and be sure to hop into Postknight 2 to explore the new Sagacia Forest for yourself.

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