‘Pascal’s Wager’ Dance of the Throne DLC Release Date Announced, New Outfit DLC Also Revealed

Pascal’s Wager ($6.99) from Tipsworks Studio and Giant Games has been updated a ton since launch bringing in new features, content, and more. Since launch, Pascal’s Wager has gotten a new Casual Mode option, a New Game+ mode,paid DLC with Into the Dark Mist, an additional boss fight update for that same DLC, a release on Android, The Tides of Oblivion expansion, and 120hz support for iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max owners. Today, the developers have revealed a brand new DLC in the form of Dance of the Throne coming this month to the game on iOS and Android. Watch the Dance of the Throne DLC trailer below:

Dance of the Throne features Elena as a playable character and the option to play rearranged stages and enemy configurations in Pascal’s Wager. It also features leaderboards. This DLC for Pascal’s Wager arrives on August 19th for $1.99 on iOS and Android. Elena’s outfit ‘Enigma’ for the DLC is also going to release on the same day for $0.99. The PC and Nintendo Switch versions of Pascal’s Wager: Definitive Edition will get the DLC as a free update later in the year. If you’ve not gotten it yet, Pascal’s Wager is available on the App Store for iOS here and on Google Play for Android here. Read our review of it here. Here’s our forum thread for the game. Do you play Pascal’s Wager often on mobile or did you buy the recent Nintendo Switch version?

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