Over the Alps Could Return to iOS as a Paid App After Leaving Apple Arcade, Final Chapter Releasing on itch io for Free Soon

In the middle of last month, the Apple Arcade section of the App Store had a new category for games leaving the service. Since then, those games have been removed from Apple Arcade, and I was wondering what potentially could happen to those games, and more in the future once removed from Apple Arcade. Today, the official Over the Alps Twitter account posted a thread on what is going to happen to the game, and also confirmed in a reply to killercow, that it is possible for the game to return as a paid app. Since hitting Apple Arcade, Over the Alps has gotten many updates bringing in new story content, but it has also launched on other platforms. Leaving Apple Arcade means the game will be cheaper on other platforms soon as confirmed in another Tweet. If you’ve not played it yet, watch the trailer for Over the Alps below:

The team will also be releasing the final chapter free on itch.io. This chapter is titled “The Devil’s Quill". It is disappointing that Apple couldn’t even let Over the Alps complete its finale on the service. More information on this will be revealed soon. I hope some games that aren’t available on other platforms end up releasing standalone on the App Store, but the writing has been on the wall for this and I’ve been slowly grabbing the Apple Arcade games I enjoy on other platforms like Switch or Steam. If you haven’t played Over the Alps yet, it is well worth your time and money and you should consider grabbing it once the price goes down soon on other platforms. Right now, the team is weighing the cost to bring Over the Alps to the App Store as a paid app, but it doesn’t look like anything is set in concrete yet. Make sure to read our glowing review of the game’s launch version here. Have you played Over the Alps yet?

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