Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster, Tactics, Legend of Mana, Valkyrie Profile, and More Discounted for a Limited Time

It is that time again. Square Enix is back with another big set of discounts across a lot of its catalogue on iOS. This time, notable newer releases like Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster ($17.99) and Legend of Mana are discounted either for the first time or at their lowest price yet. The other discounts include Valkyrie Profile, Final Fantasy Tactics, and more. The full list of discounts with review links is below.

The older Final Fantasy and other discounted releases from Square Enix including Chrono Trigger and Valkyrie Profile are below:
Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions ($13.99)
Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions iPad ($15.99)
Chrono Trigger ($9.99)
Chaos Rings III ($19.99)
Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth ($17.99)
Final Fantasy III 3D ($14.99)
Final Fantasy III 3D iPad ($16.99)
Final Fantasy IV 3D ($14.99)
Final Fantasy IV: The After Years 3D ($14.99)
Actraiser Renaissance ($19.99)
Final Fantasy Dimensions II ($14.99)

The pixel remaster discounts are below:
Final Fantasy ($11.99)
Final Fantasy II ($11.99)
Final Fantasy III ($17.99)
Final Fantasy IV ($17.99)
Final Fantasy V ($17.99)
Final Fantasy VI ($17.99)

The Mana games discounted are below:
Trials of Mana ($23.99)
Legend of Mana ($27.99)
Adventures of Mana ($13.99)
Secret of Mana ($7.99)

There are many amazing games discounted here, and I’d recommend trying out the Pixel Remasters if you’re up for an older game alongside Legend of Mana and the recent Trials of Mana remake. If you aren’t sure about what to get, read Shaun’s reviews linked with the game discounts above. Square Enix hasn’t announced the end date for this sale, but a lot of these are regular discounts so you won’t be waiting too long for anything to get a discount again. What are your favorite Square Enix games on iOS?

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