‘Dragalia Lost’ Shutting Down This November on iOS and Android

Following the announcement that that Dragalia Lost (Free) will be getting its main campaign conclusion July with the game shutting down at a later date, Nintendo has just revealed that service will be ending on November 29th / November 30th (depending on your timezone. Dragalia Lost launched back in 2018 as a mobile-exclusive new IP from Nintendo including crossovers with Persona, Monster Hunter, Mega Man, and more over the years. Once service ends in November, you will no longer be able to boot up and play the game.

As of today, diamantium, the premium currency, is not available to purchase in-game. The in-game shop Upgrade Essentials and Packs will be available for purchase with diamantium until the end of October. Diamantium will also be available to use for summoning and more until service ends. With Dragalia Lost shutting down, I hope Nintendo resurrects the IP in some form. The world and the music music are highlights for sure, and I’m sure some release for the story on Switch would be worth doing. Until November 29th, Dragalia Lost is still available on iOS and Android. Read our original review of it here. Have you been playing Dragalia Lost often and what do you think of today’s announcement of the shut down date?

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