Adorable Narrative Adventure ‘Teacup’ is Coming to iOS and Android this Week

Some games are just straight-up sweet, with no violence, bad vibes, or anything overly negative. They’re experiences that make you feel good and happy as you explore interesting worlds or get to know interesting characters. While I haven’t experienced it myself just yet to know if it’s the case or not, I strongly suspect that Teacup is one of those games. Developed by Smarto Club and published by Whitethorn Games, Teacup is a narrative adventure game about a shy frog named Teacup. She wants to throw a tea party with some friends, but at the last minute realizes she is out of tea. That’s kind of an integral element of a tea party, you know? So she sets off on a journey to gather tea ingredients, which leads her to all sorts of locations and colorful characters. Check out the trailer from Teacup’s console and PC release last year.

See? You can tell this game is just so dang wholesome, I want to give it a hug. Teacup is a nonlinear adventure which means you’ll be able to explore the world of Little Pond as you see fit, meeting new characters and solving puzzles or playing cute mini-games as you go. While the entire game is pretty short and sweet, Teacup has received a positive reaction on other platforms since its original release a year ago and it seems like the type of game that will be a perfect fit on mobile. Look for it to hit iOS and Android devices this Thursday, August 18th.

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