‘A Little to the Left’ Gets Dated on Desktop, Mobile and Switch Versions to Follow

When upcoming puzzler A Little to the Left was first unveiled in December of last year, it spoke to me directly. You see, it’s a game about finding puzzles hidden amongst everyday household items, and the key (or keys) to solving those puzzles is sorting and arranging those items in a very particular manner. I’m sort of obsessive with keeping objects organized, say items on a desk or spices in a cabinet, so A Little to the Left looked like something that was made just for me. The game’s creator is Canadian studio Max Inferno, which is actually just developers Annie Macmillan and Lukas Steinman, who live together. The idea for the game came from the Covid-19 lockdowns when both were stuck at home trying to keep things tidy around the house, which was made more difficult by their cat doing what cats do and knocking things around and generally messing stuff up. Throughout the game’s development, Macmillan and Steinman have done a wonderful job creating charming trailers for their game, and that’s true once again in this latest trailer that announces the desktop release date for A Little to the Left and gives a brief overview of what it’s about.

There is just something so wholesome about the concept of the game, its visuals, and even these trailers that have been released. Can I… can I like come live with these people for a while or something? I also REALLY want to meet that cat. As the trailer states, A Little to the Left will launch for PC and Mac on November 8th, and you can find that desktop version on Steam or on Itch.io. There’s also a 10 puzzle demo of the game available right now for desktop if you want a little taste of what’s to come. As for other platforms, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android are planned but will come at some point after the desktop release, so we’ll keep our eyes peeled for more details about those versions in the future. Also, if you want to watch more charming videos about A Little to the Left, you can find them on the Max Inferno YouTube channel or on publisher Secret Mode’s YouTube channel, they are definitely worth your time.

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