‘Westurn’ is a Turn-Based Cowboy Shootout Game from the Makers of ‘Froglike’ that’s Launching July 15th

Around this time last year developer Jimjum Studios launched their very first game called Froglike, a game that tried to answer the question “What if Frogger was a roguelike?" and succeeded with flying colors, earning our Game of the Week nod. It wasn’t just us that liked it though, as Froglike went on to receive widespread acclaim, including cracking the Top 10 during the Google Indie Game Festival which resulted in the studio being accepted into Google’s Indie Accelerator program. Not bad for a tiny studio that only just began life a handful of months before debuting their first ever game. Anyway, following their graduation from the accelerator program, Jimjum is readying their next release called Westurn, a turn-based shootout game with a Western cowboy theme. Take a look.

Surprisingly, this isn’t the first turn-based shootout game I’ve heard of, as the premise is quite similar to the rather brilliant Gun Rounds that launched a couple of years ago. However, Westurn has the same sort of distinctive art style and personality that Froglike had, as well as a similarly clever name. Turn-based Western? WesTURN? Get it? You can also look forward to tons of unlockable skins and loot to be able to customize the heck out of your gunslinger and the same quirky charm and humor that we came to know by way of Froglike. All you need to know is that in Westurn you have an emotional support horse named Tusik. If you’re on Android the game is already available on Google Play as part of an early access type dealie, but the game’s official launch for both iOS and Android is set for next week on July 15th so keep an eye out for it then.

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