Ubisoft Formally Announces ‘The Division Resurgence’ Free to Play Mobile Game

It was more than a year ago in May of 2021 that Ubisoft laid out their roadmap for their Tom Clancy’s The Division series, which included new content for the existing games, a novel, a film, and two new free to play games: One for PC and consoles and one for mobile. Other than the existence of this mobile The Division title nothing more was known, and we kind of figured we’d be hearing more about it later in the year during Ubisoft’s various online showcases. That didn’t end up happening though, and we were left with basically zero info about this new mobile entry in the popular series. Until today, that is, as Ubisoft has officially lifted the veil on the game which is now officially known as The Division Resurgence.

The Division Resurgence is actually a canon entry in the series with its own unique storyline and characters, and it will return to the chaotic post-virus world of New York City of the first game and offer different perspectives on events that have taken place across the original The Division and The Division 2. It sounds like they’ll be taking a Call of Duty Mobile approach with a huge emphasis on different playable classes and major character customization by way of unique weapons, items, and gear. Those who are interested in this mobile take on The Division can sign up on the game’s website to potentially be picked to take part in upcoming testing, and we’ll continue to keep our eye on this one for any further information or release date news.

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