The Best Nintendo Switch OLED Accessories To Buy in 2022: SwitchArcade Special

After covering many of the best games across different genres on Nintendo Switch, it is time to get back to hardware, or well, accessories. If you’ve owned a Switch for a long time, you likely have a ton of great accessories, but Nintendo Switch OLED model owners have a few other things to keep in mind given that it is still newer hardware compared to 2017’s Nintendo Switch. I’ve owned a Nintendo Switch OLED Model since early this year, and it has been amazing. There are some accessories that can elevate your experience quite a bit, and I’ve still been finding new amazing products even as recently as this week. In no particular order, here are our picks for the best Switch OLED model accessories to buy in 2022.

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The best SD card to buy for Nintendo Switch OLED model

The first and most essential purchase should be getting an SD card. There are multiple great ones available, but the ones I’ve had the best experience with over the years across three different Nintendo Switch systems (OLED, Lite, and original model) have been from Sandisk. I currently use a 1TB and 400GB in my Nintendo Switch systems. You could always buy a smaller one, but with game sizes only increasing and such a vast library of classics you might want installed at all times, I’d go for 256GB as a minimum.

Buy Link: SanDisk 1TB Ultra microSDXC UHS-I Memory Card on Amazon

Buy Link: SanDisk 400GB Ultra microSDXC UHS-I Memory Card on Amazon

The best Nintendo Switch OLED model case

best switch oled case carry protection

The best Nintendo Switch case and one I’ve bought for all my Switch systems is from Game Traveler. The Game Traveler Nintendo Switch Case includes game card cases, SD card cases, a pouch for headphones, and more. It also has great protection. If you aren’t a fan of the bulk on this case, the Nintendo Switch Premium Vault Case from Hori is also a good option.

Buy Link: Game Traveler Nintendo Switch Case on Amazon

Buy Link: HORI Nintendo Switch Premium Vault Case on Amazon

The best Nintendo Switch OLED model power bank

best switch oled power bank

A lot of people use whatever power bank they have for Nintendo Switch, and I’ve been sticking to an old Anker one I’ve had for years. The current safest and best one is the official Anker Nintendo Switch Edition power bank that can do more than 2 charges. This one gets discounted often as well.

Buy Link: Anker PowerCore 20100 Nintendo Switch Edition on Amazon

The best Nintendo Switch OLED model controller

best switch oled controller wireless 8bitdo

As someone who has gone through multiple Nintendo Switch Pro Controllers and Joy-Con sets since 2017 thanks to drift issues, it has become harder to recommend them given the high price point. For a traditional controller replacement when playing docked or tabletop, your best bet is the 8bitdo SN 30 Pro 2 which is also available in black. This has paddles and is more reliable, as well as having a lower asking price.

Buy Link: 8Bitdo Sn30 Pro+ Bluetooth Controller Wireless Gamepad on Amazon

The best Nintendo Switch arcade stick to buy for fighters and retro games

best switch oled arcade stick fighting games

The Nintendo Switch is home to tons of retro collections and fighting games with more coming every month through Hamster’s classics and also compilations from various publishers. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Cowabunga Collection is out next month as well, and what better way to play arcade games and fighters than a fight stick? Well, you could obviously use the regular controller like I’ve been doing, but having recently bought my own arcade stick thanks to Carter recommending the 8bitdo Arcade Stick, I’ve seen the light to some degree. This one isn’t too expensive and it looks and feels great. He is trying to get me to invest in modding it, but I’d say it is fine as it is right now, and it works great on Switch and Steam Deck. If you’ve wanted one, but have thought it is too expensive or daunting to get into, the 8bitdo Arcade Stick is well worth considering.

Buy Link: 8Bitdo Arcade Stick on Amazon

The best game card carry case for Nintendo Switch

best switch oled game card case

If you are a digital-only person, this will not apply to you, but the nicest game card case I’ve used barring the ones included with the case linked above, is from Hori. This is good for storing 24 game cards. There are other options for larger libraries, but few look as elegant as this one.

Buy Link: HORI Game Card Case 24 for Nintendo Switch on Amazon

8bitdo Wireless Adapter 2

best switch oled wireless adapter

If you play docked a lot, the 8bitdo Wireless Adapter 2 is great for letting you use your other controllers on Switch. If you’re a fan of playing shooters and like the Xbox controller more, this is for you. If you want symmetric sticks and like the DualSense controller, this will also let you use that on Switch.

Buy Link: 8Bitdo Wireless USB Adapter 2 on Amazon

Hori Split Pad Pro is the best Joy-Con replacement for Nintendo Switch

If you’re more of a portable player, the Hori Split Pad Pro is the best Joy-Con replacement. I cannot imagine going back to playing Monster Hunter Rise handheld without it. You do lose out on motion controls, amiibo scanning, and rumble though so keep that in mind. If those aren’t as important as comfort and reliability, the Hori Split Pad Pro is one of the best investments you can make for your Switch. There is even a newer variant that has a middle attachment letting you use them as a wired controller when docked.

Buy Link: Hori Nintendo Switch Split Pad Pro on Amazon

Buy Link: HORI Nintendo Switch Split Pad Pro Attachment Set on Amazon

Hori D-Pad Controller

If you don’t want to change the Switch form factor and would rather stick to how the Joy-Cons look and feel, the Hori D-Pad Controller is what you want. It is the best Joy-Con form factor replacement if you want to play fighting games or arcade games and not have to deal with what Nintendo shipped Joy-Cons with when attached to the system.

Buy Link: HORI D-Pad Controller on Amazon

The best Nintendo Switch OLED screen protector

best switch oled screen protector tempered glass

The final accessory that may or may not be for you is a screen protector. The amFilm Tempered Glass Screen Protector is the best screen protector for your Nintendo Switch OLED Model. It is cheap and easy to apply and offers great protection.

Buy Link: amFilm Tempered Glass Screen Protector on Amazon

Bonus: Genki Covert Dock

The Genki Covert Dock is a great option for a portable dock if you need one. Read Shaun’s thoughts on it for the original Switch here.

Buy Link: GENKI Global Covert Dock for Nintendo Switch on Amazon

Buy Link: GENKI Covert Dock Standard for Nintendo Switch on GENKI’s Website

Do you have a favorite accessory for your Nintendo Switch that I missed out featuring? Let us know in the comments below. Having recently discovered how great 8bitdo hardware is, I’m looking forward to grabbing some more of their products in the near future for use on Steam Deck and Switch.

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