Netflix Games August 2022: Immortality, Twelve Minutes, Rival Pirates, and Heads Up Announced

Netflix just revealed four games coming to the service next month. The Netflix Games August 2022 additions include the FMV game Immortality from Sam Barlow (Her Story, Telling Lies), the party charades game Heads Up!, Twelve Minutes from Annapurna Interactive, and the 3D adventure game Rival Pirates. These will all be arriving soon. The interactive movie trilogy Immortality was originally due this month, but was delayed to next month. A definite date hasn’t been announced for it yet. The Netflix version of Heads Up! will include decks based on Netflix titles. Watch the Immortality trailer below:

Twelve Minutes released on PC and console platforms, and it will be making its debut on mobile through Netflix. It had some interesting ideas, but fell flat in quite a few of them. This is one of the love it or hate it experiences. Read my review of the Switch version here. All four of August 2022’s additions to Netflix are coming soon, and they will be joining the recently released and amazing Poinpy and Into the Breach. Netflix is bringing the kind of games you’d see from Apple Arcade if Apple hadn’t switched over to more engagement-focused titles. So many great indie games have been announced already, with more to come this year. I’ve already played some of them on console, but love checking out more high quality indies on mobile. What are you looking forward to on Netflix this year when it comes to new games?

[Source: ComicBook]

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