‘Kingdom: The Blood’ is a Dark and Gory Zombie-Slicing Game Based on the Netflix Series ‘Kingdom’

If you happen to keep your finger on the pulse of what’s cool to watch on Netflix, then chances are you’ve heard about Kingdom, a show about a zombie apocalypse in 16th century Korea. That description isn’t actually accurate though, because Kingdom is much more nuanced than your average zombie flick. It features high drama and a background of political turmoil, and the outbreak that begins turning people into zombies actually seems very plausible. The show has been a hit since debuting in 2019, and as was first revealed in August of last year, developer Action Square is making a video game based on the series titled Kingdom: The Blood. Why is it subtitled “The Blood" you may be asking yourself? Because it’s gory as all get-out. Here’s the games latest trailer.

The game will feature a story mode that follows the storyline of the show, and it will also feature additional modes like Conquest Mode featuring a series of quick five-minute battles, multi-boss battles, and PvP modes. Motion capture techniques were used on a professional Korean sword dancer and the game’s costumes will be actual representations of what you’d really find in 16th century Korea in an effort to lend authenticity to the game. Kingdom: The Blood is heading to iOS and Android devices as well as PC, and more information including a release date should be coming down the pipeline in the near future. In the meantime you can catch the 2 seasons of the show as well as the feature-length special Ashin of the North on Netflix now.

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