‘Into the Breach’, From the Makers of ‘FTL’, Is Out Now on iOS and Android as a Part of Netflix Games Alongside Big Advanced Edition Update on Other Platforms

When Subset Games brought FTL to iPad, it was the best way to play the developer’s debut release. It was “perfect fit" for iPad, and I wondered how Subset Games would top that. When Into the Breach (Free) hit PC, I was blown away. The chess with mechs turn-based strategy game was amazing, and was a superlative experience on Nintendo Switch as well. The Switch version got touch controls, which signaled to me that a mobile version had to be coming soon. Right? Well, it took a bit of time but the game is finally here on mobile through Netflix Games. Unlike FTL that is only on iPad, Into the Breach is also on iPhone and Android. It has arrived with the big Advanced Edition update included while the PC and Switch versions get the update today. I’ve been playing Into the Breach on iPhone and iPad for review, and it has been superb to experience with the new content on iOS. Watch the trailer for the Netflix release below:

While I’ll have a full review of Into the Breach on iOS soon, I’d definitely recommend checking it out on some platform as soon as you can. It is one of the best indie games ever. Netflix Games is definitely filling in part of the premium indie game void left by Apple Arcade after its change in direction. If you’d like to check it out, you can play Into the Breach on mobile with your Netflix account here on the App Store and here on Google Play. It is playable free for existing Netflix subscribers. Into the Breach follows Ojiro Fumoto’s (the creator of all-time classic Downwell) Poinpy which we awarded 5 stars in our review and chose as our Game of the Week. Netflix Games will be adding Spiritfarer, Kentucky Route Zero, and Reigns: Three Kingdoms in the future as well. Have you played Into the Breach yet or were you waiting for a potential mobile version?

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