‘Hindsight’ from ‘Prune’ Developer Joel McDonald is Launching on iOS, Switch, and Steam August 4th

In April of last year during a Nintendo Indie World Showcase, Annapurna Interactive revealed Hindsight, the new game from Prune developer Joel McDonald. A narrative exploration game, Hindsight follows an adult woman who revisits her childhood home, seemingly to sort through all the belongings following the loss of a family member. Everything around this home holds some sort of meaning for her, and triggers memories of her childhood. The really unique part about Hindsight is that you will be able to explore the environment from any angle, and if you adjust things in just the right way certain objects will almost spring to life as they reveal another memory from the woman’s past. It’s really clever. Previously we knew that Hindsight would be heading to iOS, Switch, and PC but we didn’t know when that would be, but today during Annapurna Interactive’s latest digital showcase they revealed that the game’s launch is just around the corner on August 4th. Here’s a brand new trailer.

I was actually able to be part of a special preview event for Hindsight where Joel McDonald together with writer and narrative designer Emma Kidwell walked press members through a portion of the game and offered some insight into its creation. It’s really hard to understand just how impressive the whole “discover new memories in objects" thing is from trailers alone, and I think people will have a good time just discovering all of them in the game. Besides that the story in Hindsight seems incredibly personal and powerful and I’m really interested to see it through. As mentioned Hindsight will be launching on iOS, Switch, and PC next week on August 4th so keep an eye out for it then.

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