‘Bound by Blades’ is a “Boss Rush RPG” Hitting Steam this Year, Mobile and Switch Next Year

A new trailer for a game called Bound by Blades was released today and it has caught our attention. This is a game that focuses on its unique combat and epic boss battles, and then showers you with all sorts of loot upon beating those bosses so you can go and craft a bunch of cool weapons and gear. It’s not a hardcore game however, so I’m not going to toss around the term Souls-like or anything. Created by solo developer Zeth, Bound by Blades is described as “a passion project aimed at giving players a more accessible entry into boss-centered RPGs." You’ll also try to solve the mystery of Ashmyr, the magical world where you live that has fallen into darkness and is being overrun with evil creatures. You know, typical save the world type stuff. What really interests me is the combat system, which appears to use a rectangular board-type interface which you can travel around from corner to corner to dodge an enemy’s incoming attacks, and it reminds me a bit of the FlipChamps games. You can see what I’m talking about in the following trailer.

Bound by Blades is set to launch on Steam by the end of this year, with Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android versions planned for some time in 2023. You can find out some more information over on the game’s Steam page, where you can Wishlist the game to keep tabs on its development. Interestingly, this one was actually announced in our forums way back in July of 2019, and the “4 corner" combat system was specifically designed to be friendly on the touchscreen, to make for a combat system that doesn’t get weighed down by clunky virtual joysticks or buttons. I’m really interested to see how it plays so we’ll certainly be keeping tabs on Bound by Blades as its Steam launch approaches.

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