‘Before Your Eyes’ and ‘Mahjong Solitaire’ Join Netflix Games Today

Following the release of the brilliant Into the Breach that hit iOS and Android through Netflix Games, two more games arrive on the service today. These will be published on the App Store and Google Play by Netflix and allow access once logged in with an active Netflix Subscription. The first game is the BAFTA award winning Before Your Eyes that makes its mobile debut through Netflix. It released last year on Steam and promises an accessible game with an emotional narrative. I haven’t played the PC version, but will try out the mobile release this weekend. It uses your phone’s camera to detect blinks and glances for the narrative which is an interesting mechanic. Watch the trailer for it below:

The second game releasing today which should be rolling out right now is Mahjong Solitaire. Given how popular the game is, I was surprised that I only played mahjong thanks to Yakuza games before. The Netflix release of Mahjong Solitaire also has something for Stranger Things fans. It includes a stress free unlimited reshuffle option as well. Watch the trailer for Mahjong Solitaire on Netlfix below:

Barring today’s releases, Netflix has games releasing in the near future as well as revealed in the August 2022 new game additions including Twelve Minutes, Immortality, and more. Details are here. The service is aiming to have more than 50 games before the end of the year. Upcoming games include a few mobile ports I’m looking forward to like Raji and Kentucky Route Zero. What do you think of the Netflix Games lineup right now and did you play Into the Breach?

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