Backbone One PlayStation Edition Officially Licensed Controller Now Available for iPhone

Backbone and PlayStation just announced and released the Backbone One PlayStation Edition. This new officially licensed controller by PlayStation for iPhone has design tweaks to match the PS5 aesthetic featuring PlayStation face buttons on the Backbone One controller. The Backbone One PlayStation Edition price is $99.99 just like the regular mode, and it includes the same perks barring Xbox Game Pass as expected. Watch the trailer for the Backbone One PlayStation Edition controller below:

I’ve been slowly moving over to using a DualSense controller with all devices including when I use my Steam Deck “docked" over HDMI on my monitor. This announcement and release is timed well as I’ve always wanted to get a Backbone One. If you’d like to grab it, many retailers are putting it up for purchase, with it available on the official Backbone website here. The only thing I don’t like so far is that this has asymmetric sticks. I would’ve preferred a PlayStation licensed controller have symmetric sticks, but I know many prefer asymmetric sticks. Have you been using a dedicated controller made for iPhone like the Backbone One or do you prefer using a regular console controller and what do you think of this new PlayStation Edition controller?

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