Apple Arcade Weekly Round-Up: Major Updates for What the Golf?, Clap Hanz Golf, Spire Blast, SP!NG, and More

Apple recently revealed July’s upcoming Apple Arcade releases in a new App Store Story, and this week’s new release is My Bowling 3D+ featuring offline and online multiplayer support, and more. It arrives from the developers of Pro Darts 2022+ and Pro Snooker & Pool 2022+. Check it out on Apple Arcade here. This week there have been some notable updates to some of my favorite games on the service. Let’s get into them. What The Golf? now has new daily courses featuring a set of new level packs (WIMBLEGOLF), interactive prizes to collect, new achievements, and more.

The second notable update is also for a golf game which I happen to enjoy playing quite a bit. Clap Hanz Golf brings in the three tap control system which is something I asked them about in my interview. Read that here. The update also brings in caddie costumes, 18-hole rounds mode, a new playable character: Selena, and more. LEGO Star Wars Castaways has a new Star Wars Rebels Event ongoing featuring new minifigure parts, new alien species customizations like the Twi’lek and Lasat, and more.

SP!NG has brought in another set of lost level with Chapter 7 going live today. LEGO Brawls has a new mystery bags feature that lets you earn up to three mystery bags each week. These include powerups, minifigures, and more. The final notable update is Spire Blast that adds in the Enchanted Woods with flytraps and more in 20 new levels. Check out our forum threads for LEGO Star Wars: Castaways here, Clap Hanz Golf here, SP!NG here, Spire Blast here and What The Golf? here. Make sure to head over to our dedicated Apple Arcade forum for discussions on the new and older releases on the service. It is going to be interesting to see more of what arrives on Apple Arcade while Netflix has announced many high profile indies and originals coming to its own gaming publishing label. What do you think of the state of Apple Arcade right now and do you play games on it often?

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