‘Apex Legends Mobile’ Season 2 Adding New Legend Rhapsody on July 12th

Respawn just announced a new mobile-first Legend debuting in Apex Legends Mobile (Free) next week. Rhapsody has a robot helper named Rowdy and brings music and rhythm themed abilities to the game on July 12th with Season 2. Apex Legends Mobile had early tests, a soft launch, and more leading up to its full release. Season 2 will be bringing new content, updates, re-balanced weapons, the ranking system, and more in-game. More details for Season 2 will be available next week closer to launch. Until then, watch the Rhapsody showcase trailer for Apex Legends Mobile below:

Rhapsody is originally from Komma, and is competing in the Apex Games to help free her family from debt after her mother discovered company secrets at Pythas Inc. The DJ joins Apex Legends Mobile next week. If you’ve not gotten it yet, you can download Apex Legends Mobile on the App Store for iOS here and Google Play for android here. Check out the official Apex Legends Mobile website here for more information. Have you tried any of the betas or the soft launch for Apex Legends Mobile or did you jump in with the full release back in May?

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