PSA: ‘Diablo Immortal’ Does NOT Have Cross-Server Play, Also Be Sure to Link Your Battle.Net Account First

As we already posted today Diablo Immortal is out now and the servers are now live. Something that has been causing a bit of confusion is that the game has servers. Previous Diablo games worked off regional servers, so as long as you and your friends were all playing on the same major server (e.g. “US East") you could all easily play together.

The way Diablo Immortal works is closer to that of an MMORPG, with players being siloed onto individual servers and only being able to play with other players that specifically choose that same server. What seems to be causing a bit of confusion is that the servers are named after things that just sound like a Diablo level. As shown above, it seems reasonable to assume that “The Last Vestige" is just where the game starts, and you tap to jump into that part of the game. In actuality, “The Last Vestige" is one of many similarly named servers.

This is resulting in the above situation where the game doesn’t appear to be doing any kind of prioritization of shuffling new players into servers where their friends are, so when you actually end up with all your friends playing all over the place. It’s an interesting design decision that eschews the way that Diablo games have historically worked where your characters are reasonably portable which per the Diablo Immortal community lead is an intentional one:

I’m going to suggest we all hop in to The Last Vestige so the TouchArcade community can play together. Before you do though, be sure to link your account. We’ve seen some reports like this one on our forums of potential character data loss if you play as a “Guest" without logging in. To be on the safe side, just be sure to log in with your account on the main menu. We’re not sure how widespread this is, but losing character data is always annoying.

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