OrangePixel’s Atmospheric Survival Game ‘Residual’ is Finally Coming to Mobile

In September of last year OrangePixel released their biggest game to date, a survival game called Residual, on PC and Nintendo Switch. This was not your everyday survival game however as there was actually no combat to speak of. Instead you played a pilot who crash lands on a procedurally generated planet and, with a (sometimes) helpful AI bot by your side, you set out to explore your surroundings, both above ground and deep below the surface, in an effort to piece together the puzzle of the long-lost inhabitants of the planet as well as fix up your ship so you can get the heck out of there. What Residual does really well is create an atmosphere of exploring a totally foreign planet, and while there’s no combat there’s certainly no shortage of ways you can fail to survive. Exploration, crafting, and puzzle-solving are the key elements, and here is a brand new trailer to give you an idea of what the gameplay in Residual is like.

So those who have been mobile gaming for a while are no doubt familiar with OrangePixel, aka solo developer Pascal Bestebroer, since he has released multiple awesome games on mobile over the last decade or so. However, when Residual first launched last September, there was some doubt as to whether or not this game would ever make its way to mobile. Since launch OrangePixel has been busy working on a brand new game called Regulator City (which has a demo out on Steam today, by the way), but in an effort to take a break from that game for a bit he dove back into Residual development to address some long-standing issues and see about the feasibility of bringing it to mobile. It turns out that Residual works extremely well on mobile, and so a mobile release is now on its way. No word on a specific release date just yet but I’d wager we’ll be seeing Residual release on iOS and Android sometime in the next couple of months, and until that time you can talk about this one with the community over in our forums.

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