New Content and New Platforms Arrive for Studio Ghibli-Inspired Interactive Story ‘Behind the Frame’

A few weeks ago we learned that new content was set to arrive for the absolutely charming Studio Ghibli-inspired interactive story Behind the Frame from developer Silver Lining Studio and publisher Akupara Games, and we also learned it would be heading to additional platforms like the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. Well today is the day that it all happens as Behind the Frame is now available on those additional platforms and includes the new content mentioned earlier, and the existing versions of the game on PC and mobile will receive this new content via a free update. Here is a brand new trailer celebrating the new content in Behind the Frame and the arrival on two new platforms.

We loved Behind the Frame when it launched on mobile last August, and awarded it our Game of the Week. For those that played it originally, you’ll know that you follow the life of a young woman as she lives her life in her apartment painting away, often being distracted by her gruff but intriguing neighbor who she can see through her window. As you come to find out, there is a lot more to this neighbor than it seems. Well, it appears that this new content allows you to see things through the eyes of the gruff neighbor and witness how the story unfolds from his perspective. I love this idea, and although the update doesn’t appear to be live for the iOS version just yet, I can’t wait to dive in to the new chapters when it hits. If you missed this one before it’s on sale on iOS for $3.99 down from its normal price of $5.99, and if you enjoy short but extremely sweet stories with really clever interactive puzzles it’s well worth your time and money.

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