‘Horizon Chase’ Old Style Set DLC With 4 New Cards With 4 Styles Now Available on iOS and Android

Following the Horizon Chase (Free) Golden Japan DLC, Aquiris is back with another new update for the game. If you’ve not kept up with Horizon Chase, it has been getting quite a bit of new content on mobile with the release of the excellent Senna Forever expansion and more recently the Horizon Chase China Spirit DLC pack and the most recent Golden Japan DLC. The iOS and Android versions of Horizon Chase were just updated to bring in another new paid DLC pack in the form of The Old Style Set which includes four new cars.

horizon chase the old style set cars dlc price list

The cars included are the Ladybug, the Nano, the Gentleman, and The Fuzz. This DLC is available as an in app purchase for $0.99. The Senna Forever expansion appears to be discounted right now as well, though I’m unsure if it is related to this new DLC release. As of now, Aquiris is yet to announce this DLC, so it isn’t certain if it is coming to non-mobile platforms as well. You can check out the base game for Horizon Chase on the App Store for iOS here and Google Play for Android here. We awarded it 5 stars in our original review and chose it as Game of the Week when it launched. We also featured it in our Best Games of 2015 list. Have you played Horizon Chase lately and bought any of its new DLC packs?

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