‘HOOK 2’ Bringing More Unhooking Puzzle Fun Later this Month, from the Creator of ‘PUSH’, Up Left Out’ and the Original ‘HOOK’

We’re big fans of the minimalist puzzle games created by Rainbow Train Games aka solo developer Maciej Targoni. Games such as Klocki, PUSH, Up Left Out, and more. The one that originally put Targoni on our radar though would have to be HOOK, which launched back in 2015. The tagline for HOOK is to “Get hooked on unhooking the hooks" and this is a puzzler that is centered around a number of different mechanics that involve unhooking hooks. There are actually some fiendishly clever and challenging puzzles in HOOK, and fans have been asking for years for Targoni to create more levels for the game. Well, he’s going to do one better than that by releasing an entire new sequel called, appropriately, HOOK 2. Here is a brief teaser.

In HOOK 2 you can expect plenty more puzzles about unhooking hooks. You crazy kids nowadays and your hooks. Always with the hooks. HOOK 2 will feature 80 levels on release with plans already to add more levels in the future, and just like the original this is designed to be a super chill puzzle game, with no time restrictions or scores to worry about. Just sit back, relax, and take all the time you need with each and every level, there’s no pressure! You also won’t need to worry about things like ads or online requirements, and HOOK 2 sells for a simple one-time price of just $1.99. In fact you can pre-order it on the App Store right now, and look for it to launch later this month on June 29th.

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