FMV Thriller ‘The Gallery’ Launches on August 1st, New Trailer Released

Back in January, which somehow feels like a million years ago, we got first word about an interesting new interactive film game called The Gallery. It’s being developed by Aviary Studios and written and directed by Paul Raschid, who has experience in the world of interactive FMV games with titles such as The Complex and Five Dates. What really caught my attention about The Gallery was its premise which centers around two very similar situations where a person is taken hostage by an artist, but in two very different eras–The first takes place in 1981 and the second in 2021. There are eerie similarities between the two events, and this is showcased in much greater detail in the following new trailer for The Gallery.

As you can see in the trailer, this is a choice-based narrative game and I think it will be interesting to see how differently your choices might play out based on which era you are playing in. I also wonder, who the heck holds somebody hostage so they can paint them? That’s some capital C Crazy. Is the female hostage from 1981 the same person as the new hostage taker in 2021? Hmmmmmmm. If you too are interested in seeing how this whole wacky scenario plays out, then check out The Gallery when it arrives on August 1st on iOS, Android, Steam, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch. In the meantime you can Wishlist the PC version over on its Steam page if you’re into that sort of thing.

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