‘Final Fantasy Record Keeper’ Is Shutting Down Outside Japan at the End of September

Back in March 2015, Square Enix released Final Fantasy Record Keeper (Free) on the US App Store. It has received many updates over the years through collaborations across Square Enix’s other games and more. Over the weekend, through an in-game announced (via Siliconera), Square Enix announced that Final Fantasy Record Keeper will be shutting down on September 29th at 5PM PDT. This would mean it will have been available for about 7 and a half years on the US App Store. Sale of gems in Final Fantasy Record Keeper will be shutting down at the end of August with purchased gems carrying over until the service ends this September.

We’ve been covering Final Fantasy Record Keeper since before it hit the App Store outside Japan. Check out Eric’s review of it from back in 2015 here and here. As of this writing, the social accounts for the Japanese version of Final Fantasy Record Keeper have not mentioned anything about service ending. This is one of the oldest free to play games that still players among my circles. Details for how service will end and more will be announced through the in-game announcements in Final Fantasy Record Keeper. If you’d like to try it before service ends, check it out here. Check out our old forum thread for it here. Did you play Final Fantasy Record Keeper over the years?

[Source: Siliconera]

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