Downhill Mountain Biking Game ‘Descenders’ is Coming to iOS and Android August 4th, Pre-Orders Live Now

Just over three years ago in May of 2019 developer RageSquid and publisher No More Robots released a quirky downhill mountain biking game called Descenders on PC and Xbox One. Bemoaning a lack of “extreme sports" titles in recent years led RageSquid to come up with the theme for the game, and a love of Roguelike games led them to make the game with procedurally generated courses. The Skate series was inspiration for the game’s physics and trick systems, and once put all together Descenders offered up something really fresh and fun. Slowly the game grew in popularity with the addition of new content and features as well as an emphasis on multiplayer, and Descenders made its way to the PlayStation and Nintendo Switch consoles in the following years. Now it’s making its way to another new platform with a forthcoming mobile port, and somehow this game looks like it works wonderfully on the touchscreen. Check out this lengthy clip of Descenders on mobile in action to see for yourself.

So who could possibly be wizard enough to bring a game like Descenders to mobile platforms so effortlessly? Noodlecake Studios, that’s who. The game uses a sort of freestyle control system too which sees you moving and performing tricks based on the movement of the analog sticks, and that is something that seems like it will translate extremely well to the touchscreens on mobile devices. I dabbled with Descenders when it hit Xbox Game Pass a while back, and while I enjoyed it, it really felt like the kind of game that would fit better into smaller chunks of playtime rather than something I wanted to sit down and play for a long time at once. So for me a mobile version should be a dream come true. You can pre-order the iOS version on the App Store now, and while it’s not quite live yet you should be able to pre-register for the Android version on the Google Play Store here sometime soon. Descenders on mobile will cost $9.99 and is scheduled to launch on August 4th.

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