’20 Minutes Till Dawn’ is the Latest ‘Vampire Survivors’-Alike Heading to Mobile Later this Year

Whether you’re into the PC gaming scene or not, chances are that you’ve at least heard the name Vampire Survivors at some point in the last 6 months. Released into Early Access on Steam this past December, Vampire Survivors is a survival game that plays a lot like a top-down shooter, except in this case the shooting happens automatically and your only real task is to avoid the swarms and swarms of enemies heading your way. In that sense it’s probably more like a bullet hell shooter, but with an engrossing progression system that has you hitting the retry button the moment your current run inevitably comes to an end.

Anyway, while initially launched with little fanfare, for whatever reason Vampire Survivors began to catch interest throughout January and eventually went viral making it one of the most played games on Steam. It still maintains a huge daily active userbase and, as with anything that becomes that level of popular, there are plenty of developers putting their own spin on the Vampire Survivors formula. One such project is called 20 Minutes Till Dawn, which released in Early Access itself on Steam just a few weeks ago. So far it has been garnering a lot of interest and positive comments from early PC players, and as discovered in our forums, 20 Minutes Till Dawn is also heading to mobile sometime later this year. Here’s a trailer for the Steam version.

The great irony here is that Vampire Survivors itself was originally inspired by an Android game called Magic Survival, and if you really go digging I’m sure that wouldn’t even be the first instance of this particular style of game. So it’s kind of funny to see the success of Vampire Survivors on PC lead to all these derivative titles launching on mobile when in reality it was a mobile game that sparked the birth of Vampire Survivors in the first place. It’s all good though, because all of these similar titles seem to bring something new to the table, and there’s more than enough room for multiple versions of this type of game on any platform, even mobile.

With 20 Minutes Till Dawn only just launching in Early Access this month, it’s not known exactly when the “full" launch might be or for that matter when the game will be showing up on mobile. However, we do get some sort of clue as 20 Minutes Till Dawn is available for pre-order on the App Store right now and shows an expected release date of December 21st, 2022. That might be placeholder or that might just be when the developer expects to come out of Early Access, but either way this is one to keep an eye on if you’re curious about or are already a fan of Vampire Survivors on PC.

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