‘Warcraft Arclight Rumble’ is Blizzard’s New Mobile Strategy Game Set in the ‘Warcraft’ Universe

Blizzard has finally unveiled their latest Warcraft-adjacent mobile game since Hearthstone’s release nearly a decade ago. It’s called Warcraft Arclight Rumble, and inside the Warcraft Universe at large it’s positioned as something of an arcade game that the inhabitants of Azeroth might find stationed in a pub where they can partake in matches competitively or cooperatively with other players. In reality it’s a top-down strategy game likened to a “tower offense" game where you’ll use your team of combat leaders and units to conquer the field and ultimately the boss at the other side. Or another human player at the other side, if you’re doing the whole PvP thing. Check out the Arclight Rumble trailer for yourself to see the gameplay in action.

You can also see two of the game’s producers explain a bunch of other details about Warcraft Arclight Rumble in this developer overview video. And if you dig the idea of Warcraft characters done up as miniatures in a tabletop game, which is kind of the overall vibe of Arclight Rumble, then you’ll probably dig this cinematic trailer as well. Speaking of miniatures, there will be more than 60 for you to collect in the game spread across 5 different factions: Alliance, Horde, Beast, Blackrock, and Undead. There will also be a whopping 70 different maps to play on, spanning locations all over Azeroth. It sounds like there are a bunch of additional modes and features that will be announced as development goes on, so if Warcraft Arclight Rumble sounds interesting to you then you can pre-register on the game’s website to keep up to date with any future news. No release date was announced but a closed beta test is said to be kicking off soon.

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