The Original ‘Dragon Quest Builders’ Is Out Now on iOS and Android as a Premium Release, New DLC Content Available With Launch Discount

Today/tomorrow is the 36th birthday of the Dragon Quest series in Japan, and Square Enix is celebrating with the surprise release of the original Dragon Quest Builders ($21.99) on mobile. Dragon Quest Builders debuted on PS4 and PS Vita in North America a few years ago. It was an excellent blend of Minecraft and Dragon Quest. Since that PlayStation launch, it hit Nintendo Switch. It has now made the jump to iOS and Android as a premium release with new features and content. The new features include an undo button, touchscreen-specific enhancements, and special cursors. Out of all the games to shadow drop from Square Enix, this is definitely one of the games I wanted the most on mobile. Watch the Dragon Quest Builders mobile trailer below:

I adored the original Dragon Quest Builders and like the sequel even more. The sequel is available on all consoles and PC worldwide. I hope it makes its way to mobile eventually. The original Dragon Quest Builders is out now on iOS and Android with a launch discount bringing it down to $21.99 until June 9th. This is 20% off the usual price. There’s paid DLC in the form of the Magic Carpet, Boss Figure Pack, Dot Ring, and Celestial Pack. The DLC is priced at $2.99 each or $4.99 for an all-in-one pack. Check out Dragon Quest Builders on the App Store for iOS here and Google Play for Android here. I’m very curious to see how this one runs and looks on newer iOS devices considering it has performance issues on Nintendo Switch even today. Have you played Dragon Quest Builders before or will you be jumping into one of the best spin-off Dragon Quest games yet on mobile today?

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