Strategy Game ‘SD Gundam G Generation Eternal’ Announced for iOS and Android, Closed Beta Coming Soon

Bandai Namco Entertainment just announced a brand new Gundam strategy game titled SD Gundam G Generation Eternal. SD Gundam G Generation Eternal is a free to play game for iOS and Android that lets you collect your favorite Mobile Suits from the various Gundam series and build your own squad to battle enemies. It includes new and old featured Gundam series including Mobile Suit Gundam, Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt, Mobile Suit Gundam Wing, Turn A Gundam, and many more. It also includes famous scenes from the original series, squad battles for units, and more. I’ve played SD Gundam G Generation Genesis on PS4 and PS Vita, but haven’t spent a lot of time in SD Gundam G Generation Cross Rays that released on Steam in North America. These games feature Super Deformed versions of the Mobile Suits which is why the games are called “SD". Watch the SD Gundam G Generation Eternal mobile trailer below:

SD Gundam G Generation Eternal is in development for iOS and Android, and it will be a free to play game with in app purchases. A closed beta test is planned to be available soon. Check out the official website here. Check out a list of all the featured titles in the game here. The official announcement video from the Gundam Game Fest showcase which you can watch here mentions it will be available only in North America, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong/Macau, and South Korea. It is unclear if more regions will get it after launch or not. Details for the closed beta will be announced soon as well. Have you played any of the SD Gundam G Generation games on console or PC yet?

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