Roguelike First-Person Looter Shooter ‘Gunfire Reborn’ Launches Globally Ahead of Schedule

One of the most anticipated releases for many has been the mobile port of roguelike first-person looter shooter Gunfire Reborn from Duoyi Games, but it has been kind of a rocky road to get there. Originally launching on PC last fall, a mobile version of Gunfire Reborn was first announced in February with pre-orders showing an expected release date of April 15th. Sometime after that announcement Duoyi decided that a staggered launch would be best so they could stress test the game and its servers before launching to a massive global audience. So just prior to its original April 15th release date, Gunfire Reborn was launched in Europe only with more rollouts to more regions including North America planned for May and the rest of the world planned for June.

Well, the launch in Europe seemed to go off without a hitch, and fans outside of that limited launch were clamoring for the mobile version of Gunfire Reborn to be released in their own regions. So Duoyi decided to switch gears once again and, outside of mainland China, have gone ahead and launched Gunfire Reborn in the rest of the world as of today. Yes, if you are in North America and had May 25th marked on your calendar, you’ve just got an early present. The PC version of Gunfire Reborn, which spent more than a year in Early Access prior to its full launch last November, is highly regarded from fans on that platform, and I think the entire experience should translate really well to mobile. Players in our forums are already enjoying this mobile iteration, so check out Gunfire Reborn on both iOS or Android now.

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